Pet Policy

Pet Policy - Doggies on a Bed

This policy establishes the rules and conditions under which a pet may be kept at an Xtreme Realty managed property. The policy may be changed at any time and without notice.

The primary purpose of these rules is to establish reasonable requirements for the keeping of common household pets in order to provide a decent, safe, and sanitary environment for existing and prospective residents. Violations of this policy shall be considered a violation of a material term of the lease and may be fined $500.00 per your lease agreement.

Residents MUST obtain approval PRIOR to moving a pet into a property. If approved, the resident is responsible for the following:

1. Paying the deposit and repairing any damage the pet may cause.
2. Signing a pet policy agreement.
3. Keeping the pet under control at all times.
4. Cleaning up after the pet inside and outside the premises.

PET DEPOSIT: $300 for the 1st pet and an additional $200 added per pet thereafter, half of which is refundable if resident performs to contract.

PET RENT: $15 per pet per month in addition to the monthly base rent.



Only domesticated, common household pets will be considered. Pets of vicious or aggressive disposition deemed by management to be potentially harmful to the health and safety of others are prohibited. CATS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Please contact our office if you have additional questions or concerns regarding our pet policy.