Move Out Procedures

All 30-day notices must be received in writing, in person, by certified mail. Or by e-mail to

If e-mailing, please make sure you get a confirmation that we received your notice. We will respond by e-mail
that we have receipt of your notice to vacate.
Mailing address: Xtreme Realty 4326 W Cheyenne Av. North Las Vegas NV 89032

Person packing box to move out

Thirty-Day Notice Form

30-day notices by telephone will not be considered.

Our move out department will contact you to schedule your move out day and time. At that point, we will meet you at the property to complete the move out inspection.

Upon move-out: all keys (unit, mailbox, other) and remotes in your possession per your lease agreement inventory must be returned at the time of scheduled appointment and should not be left in the unit.

If there are keys/remotes unaccounted for, we will need to re‐key the unit and you will be charged for that service.

If keys/remotes are not returned, you will be held liable for the dollar amount of rent until possession of the unit is transferred to Xtreme Realty & Property Management.

Upon vacating the unit, you must remove all personal property. If anything of value is left in the unit, Xtreme Realty & Property Management must store the items and then dispose of them according to law. Storage fees and any other costs incurred will be charged to the tenant.

Unwanted personal property cannot be left outside or beside the trash container/dumpster for disposal. Xtreme Realty & Property Management or the property owner will be charged to dispose of these items and costs will be deducted from your security deposit.

The unit must be returned to us in the same condition it was rented out. This includes a professional cleaning of the interior and exterior of home and yard, all by licensed and bonded companies,  including a professional carpet cleaning by a licensed and bonded company.

The last month’s rent must be paid in its entirety and security deposits CANNOT be applied to the last month’s rent, under any circumstances. If last month rent is unpaid, a 5‐Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit will be posted. If you do not move out within 5 days or pay the rent and late fees due, you will be evicted. A lawsuit to regain possession will be filed with the courts and all rents, late fees, court costs, attorney and filing fees will be charged to the tenant. This becomes public record and will affect your credit history.

A final or estimated itemized move-out statement will be mailed to you within 30 days after your lease has expired or your move out inspection date (whichever occurs latest of the two). We do make an attempt to process these in a timely manner, but as day to day functions change, we cannot give a specific date to expect a statement of charges.

We do not have any automatic charges against your security deposit except the pet policy deposits. Examples of some of the possible charges are cleaning, carpet cleaning, painting, damages, and loss of rent, court costs, and attorney’s fees. We expect the unit to be left in the same condition as at the start of your lease. In order to determine your charges, we take your move-in condition report and move-in photos (date and time stamped) and cross reference only with the move out condition report and move out photos (date and time stamped). Any differences between these two reports will be charged from the tenant’s security deposits.

In the case of multiple tenants, only one check will be issued. It is the responsibility of the tenants to reimburse each individual as they see fit.

Xtreme Realty & Property Management wants your move-out procedure to be as convenient and pleasant as possible, so please call our office at 702-384-7253 if you require any additional information and or refer to your lease agreement if you have further questions.

Again: Security Deposit CANNOT be used for last month’s rent.